La Table-C1T/ jakkara putkiselällä

by Jouni Leino

Toimitusaika 4 -5 viikkoa.


Nelio, Shelving unit

La Table, design Jouni Leino & Teppo Vahteristo.

La Table is a table is a stool is a bench is a chair is a desk. The legs are fastened to the corners of the top with screws and form a structure that will remain firm and steady even on an uneven surface. La Table is a colourful range of furniture that can even be used outdoors. Powder coating as standard finish; for furniture used outdoors, double powder coating. Table versions have a hole for cable pass-through or for a parasol.


La Table-C1/: w 300 x h 765 x d 385 mm.


Jouni Leino

Sisustusarkkitehti, SIO

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