Lokero yöpöytä, Design For 2016. Suomessa valmistetut Lokerot ovat tulossa myyntiin.

by Jouni Leino

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Bed side table Lokero

by Jouni Leino 

Lokero is a bed side table designed to stand next to your bed. The colorful open box is for your personal items such as jewelry, lip palm, nasal spray etc. It also functions as a pull handle for a drawer where you can keep your more intimate things. Below the drawer there is a small cabinet for books etc. The top is bordered on three sides in order to keep your mobile phone, lamp or alarm clock from falling down to the floor. Materials matt lacquered oak and paint. Made in Finland.

Height 52 cm, width 30 cm, depth 43 cm.


Jouni Leino

Sisustusarkkitehti, SIO

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